14.03 Europe/London, July 19, 2011 By Julian Clover

The BBC is launching icons for BBC News and the BBC iPlayer on the BlackBerry PlayBook. New purchasers of the tablet device will find the icons, known as shortcuts, are pre-installed.

Existing users will be shown a software update notification on their status ribbon or can access the update at any time from the Software Updates item in the Settings Menu.

Including the shortcuts marks a new front in multiscreen delivery, which has previously focussed on Apple’s iPad device.

In a blogpost, Abigail Khanna, senior business development manager, BBC Future Media said with the growth rate in tablets outstripping that of PCs the BBC was pleased to be able to bring these products to a wider tablet audience.

Previous attempts to introduce shortcuts for the BlackBerry itself were halted after technical issues. The BBC hopes to restore them in the future.