Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 20-07-2011

JCA, the digital production specialist, has officially adopted the LTFS/LT05 combination for standardising data archive tape formats for broadcast video and other files--the first company in the UK to do so.

LTFS is IBM’s recently released tape file system which enables tape media to be mounted and read by Linux, Mac or Windows operating systems when the LTO5 tape, storing up to 60 hours of programmes (at 50Mbps), is insertedinto the tape drive. The open file system helps to reduce storage, archive and distribution costs and greatly lowers energy consumption, as well as cutting network traffic and storage.

LTFS is an open source software file system and operates with LTO5. It provides companies with the ability to store large amounts of data at different data rates and facilitate easy, swift and transparent transfer of data between a multitude of compatible hardware.

"With the steady shift to ‘file workflows’ we were in search of a common file based distribution medium that would cost-effectively support our clients’ distribution requirements, and that’s when we discovered the benefits of IBM’s LTFS with LTO5 which is the most exciting aspect of LTO5," said Jim Duncan, chief engineer at JCA TV. "Not only does it deliver a very simple way for users to interact with LTO5 based drives but it also provides a platform for easier interchange of media."

Duncan added: "An LTFS export option is ideal for situations where large volumes of data need to be shared with others but it could also be seen as a best practice for archivedata. Supporting open source software like LTFS creates an agnostic storage and interchange medium allowing our clients’ resources to be focussed on actual distribution rather than technology."