Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 20-07-2011
Australian telco Optus has launched a new mobile TV service.

Called Optus TV Now, it enables customers with 3G phones to view and record all 15 free-to-air TV stations. The download won't count towards their monthly data limits.

Director of Optus digital media Austin Bryan said: “While we’ve been able to record free-to-air TV on our personal video recorder for years, Optus TV Now is the first service that allows customers from across Australia to record free-to-air TV using their mobile and play it back on a mobile or personal computer."

Downloading the technology and television guide from Optus is free and includes 45 minutes of storage per month.

Optus is offering five hours storage for A$7 per month, or 20 hours storage for A$10 per month.