Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 21-07-2011

When it comes to interactive video advertising online, not all ads are created equal. According to survey research from Yahoo!, ads embedded within the content stream are the most effective.

More specifically, viewers recalled seeing these so-called "in-stream" ads more often than any other online type. A notable 53% of respondents who noticed advertising of any type remembered specifically viewing pre-, mid- and post-roll ads. And crucially, almost half (47%) of respondents said they remembered which brand or product the advertisement was hawking. Often these ads are unavoidable--no fast-forward function is available while watching a video stream. So there's a bit of a captive audience advantage here.

In comparison, only 35% of viewers remembered seeing static banner ads. Even worse, only 13% of viewers remembered seeing video-enabled banner ads, suggesting that online denizens tend to tune them out and find them annoying.

In-stream ads aren't the only winners. Telescoping ads--those that expand when rolled over with a mouse or those that pop up over site content--actually got impressive user response. A full 39% of respondents said they actually acted--clicked or called--after seeing an expandable video ad, while only 20% of viewers acted on in-stream ads.