Editor ęRapidTVNews | 21-07-2011

The video search engine provider blinkx has entered into a partnership with NewsLook, claimed to be the first and only video news service that curates and contextualises news from global partners.

The result will be that viewers will be able to watch over 1,500 NewsLook videos from global publishers at www.blinkx.com where blinkx will also place contextually relevant advertising against the videos and share resulting advertising revenue with its new partner. blinkx now claims to have made more than 720 partners and indexed over 35 million hours of video and audio content to date.

NewsLook delivers collated news and short-form documentaries from over 45 content creators and its roster of content includes videos that it says have been hand-picked for their relevance and value from outlets such as CBC, ABCau, ForaTV, GlobalPost, Xinhua News Agency and UNTV. The firm uses professional editors to put stories in context, offering alternative perspectives, background and analysis side by side with news itself, so users obtain a more complete and informed picture of world events.

"We're delighted to partner with NewsLook," said Julia Blystone, CMO of blinkx. "By adding NewsLook's high quality and timely current events coverage to our index, we're furthering our commitment to providing our users with a deep and diverse selection of the best video on the Web."