Joseph O'Halloran ęRapidTVNews | 21-07-2011

The usual fall in audience figures as users begin holidaying has kicked in for the US online video market which has shown a slight fall in June 2011 according to research from Nielsen research.

In its tale of the tape for June 2011, Nielsen found that during the course of the month the total number of online video viewers in the US fell slightly to 142.6 million unique viewers and the total number of streams viewed was down 4% to 14.5 billion, as was the number of streams per viewer, down 2% to 101.5 million.

However, even though absolute viewer numbers were down the month, the average total time spent watching video was up 4% month on month to four and half hours.

Among the top online video destinations, only The CollegeHumor Network put on viewers, with even market leader YouTube posting a fall, 3% to total 108 million unique viewers.

VEVO fell by just less than one percent to 36 million viewers comfortably ahead of Facebook with 25.3 million uniques, a marked dip of 13% showing perhaps what happened when people are unhooked from the social network. After a similar percentage dip, Yahoo! trailed closely behind with 23 million unique.

Interestingly the two over the top (OTT) video leaders Hulu and Netflix pulled in 13.5 and 8 million unique viewers respectively.

In terms of streams, the YouTube juggernaut rolled on with 8.9 billion videos streamed during June 2011. An order of magnitude behind, in terms of numbers if not certainly paid for streams, was Hulu with 630 million, a marked decline of 26& month on month.

Dailymotion showed the strongest month-over-month growth among the top 10 destinations for video streaming, up 21% to 183 million videos. Third places VEVO also saw a 3% increase in video streams to 427 million.

Netflix pulled in 192 million streams and, indicating the compelling nature of its content, was the site where US video viewers spent more time on average watching video with 8 hours, 34 minutes worth of viewing, twice the amount of time spent watching content on Hulu, the second placed site by time per viewer in June.

CBS Sports saw the largest increase in the average amount of time US viewers spent viewing video on the site, up 87% from May. By way of contrast despite billions of streams, YouTube viewers watched only 2 hours, 37 minutes on average.