09.30 Europe/London, July 21, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

Belarus now expects to complete its transition to digital broadcasting on January 1, 2012, or three years earlier than originally scheduled.

According to CNews and AKTR, the news was announced at the 13th meeting of the country’s Coordination Group for Digital Broadcasting (KGTSV), held at the headquarters of the company General Satellite.

It seems the original plan for the transition has been overtaken by events and at present there are already 51 DTT transmitters up and running, covering 82% of the country’s territory and 93% of the population.

Topology is based on the fibre-optic network operated by the incumbent telco Beltelecom.

Significantly, a DVB-T2 trial employing equipment supplied by Rohde & Schwarz was completed only last week.

Neighbouring Russia has already said that it will use DVB-T2.