I have used a version of (TitaAll4-1(tita,fun) NAGRA2 Fix + RL) fun 5 file that I split in two fun 4 bin files to upgrade my Joker. I have upgraded my joker before with two fun4, wrote by phoenix usb from 0.78 to kamilz 0.80 after to 1.13xl, 1.14, all in one 1.15. After i used version (TitaAll4-1(tita,fun) NAGRA2 Fix + RL) I can't any more load other versions also I can't erase it. Now I want to downgrade or upgrade my joker in other versions. I used erasev1 no success. Can somebody help me to solve this problem. I want to go again in kamilz version all in one 1.15 .