09.53 Europe/London, July 22, 2011 By Julian Clover

Arqiva’s YouView representative has expressed concern over the capability of UK broadband to deliver sufficient speeds and how it might impact on the hybrid TV project.

Russ Armstrong, strategic development manager at Arqiva, told the Westminster eForum the operation risked being hampered by the UK’s broadband infrastructure. “If you’re outside a cable area you’ve got problems, and BT Infinity is still a few years away. So although we might lead with services broadband is still a real choke point.”

Armstrong said that products like YouView would help the BBC in its assignment to drive broadband penetration, but there were issues during peak viewing times.

Transmission company Arqiva is a partner in the YouView project. Last week the company sold the majority of its online TV service SeeSaw Bebo owner Criterion Capital Partners.