Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 22-07-2011

Free DTT news channel BFM TV has expressed fear of the effect that the rumoured arrival of TF1’s pay-TV news channel LCI may have if allowed to broadcast free to air on the French terrestrial network.

NextRadioTV CEO Alain Weill said that such a possibility would “endanger” his channel as “ there is no place on the free DTT market for three channels. Such a situation doesn’t exist anywhere. Out the three, we are the weakest [player]actor as we do not belong to an industrial group,” he said at a press conference in Paris. Besides BFM TV, Canal+ I>Télé is also available on DTT.

LCI is currently broadcast on cable and satellite platforms. The transition of the channel from pay-TV to FTA market is the subject of much discussion by French media analysts.

According to Alain Weill, such a possibility would need a change of the law or a new call for bids.