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Thread: Vu+ UNO Firmware Upgrade

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    Vu+ UNO Firmware Upgrade

    Important notice for Vu+ UNO users!

    As promised, Vu+ UNO is now on sale from June, 2011.
    Vu+ is very thankful for the interest in our new product and we will keep trying to update our products.

    There was several reports about scanning problem in specific TP and new firmware is released to fix the problem.
    We strongly recommend to upgrade your box if you find a problem in scanning channel(s) with your box.

    There are two ways to upgrade your box.
    One is using your USB memory stick and the other is upgrading directly from the internet.

    Option A) Using USB memory stick.

    1. Download firmware binary from the link below.
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    2. Save the download data file into USB memory stick.
    3. Attach USB memory stick to your box and restart. (or restart GUI)
    4. Goto FPGA plugin menu.
    5. Select the data file in USB memory stick and start 'Upgrade'.
    6. Restart your box.

    Option B) Upgrade directly from the internet

    1. Goto FPG plugin menu.
    2. Download the data file by pressing 'Blue' button.
    3. Select the downloaded data file and start 'Upgrade'.
    4. Restart your box.

    Please download the attached guide for the detailed explanation of upgrade.
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