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    Here is a Web interface extension that I built myself.
    After install and restart GUI you can about it:
    http://DreamboxIP/visu retrieve (screenshot-1)
    DreamboxIP course you have to replace with the actual box address! (e.g.
    In the main frame (screenshot-1), the update rate is 5 sec. (No burden on system)
    If you click on the small BCM chip, you can also plot a real-time
    monitoring of load averages. (Screenshot-2)
    (update-times here are 2 sec., no minimum load)
    Änliche like Windows Task Manager, I have to test it because
    development of plugins and renderers / Converter
    to see exactly what, how and when to load my box.
    I can also incorporate other information for a real-time plot.
    Let's see what is still needed.
    Have Fun!

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