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Thread: Framed icons for GP3 - Blue Panel

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    Framed icons for GP3 - Blue Panel

    Framed icons for GP3 - Blue Panel

    Here in the thread you will find the whole icon package, as would be
    found in DMConcinnity HD Transp-mod GP3 Skin by Erim is.
    Certainly be interesting for one or the other Skinner.
    In addition, you'll also find icons that you your extensions
    assign the blue panel / Vdesktop can.
    A little picture I once attached.
    And a little script (by Erim) can be found even in the appendix.
    For you to share the marquee in the blue panel.
    Unless you, the yellow is not so much.
    Complete Icon Package
    The package ( contains the following icons:
    - The default icons from the plugin
    - Geminidreamnetcast, images => search.png, station.png
    - Geminiftpfs
    - Geminihttpd
    - Geminiical
    - Geminiinadyn
    - Geminijukebox, folder, icon_noCover
    - Geminimailcheck
    - Gemininfs
    - Geminirezapp
    - Geminirssreader
    - Geminisambaconfig
    - Geminidirsync
    - Geminiupnpc
    - Geminiushare
    - Geminiopenvpn
    - Geminiweather
    - Geminiwebcam
    - Geminisatconfig
    - Geminieup
    - Geminictorrent
    - Geminispinner
    - Geminiuseraddon
    - Geminibootlogo
    - Geminipptpvpn
    - Geminiqtwebbrowser
    - Geminiqteditor
    - Geminiwebdav
    - Geminiscreenshot
    - Geminigweather
    - Geminiqttetrix
    - Geminiqtcolorcode
    - Geminiqtcheckers
    - Geminiqtcore
    - Geminiqtpdfviewer
    - Geminiqtcalculator
    - Geminiqteasypaint
    Icons for the extensions:
    The package with the plugin icons can be found in the notes under the name
    On the Set Up Box
    Plugin_icons unzip and copy the folder on the dreambox.
    Best on an infected device such as USB, CF or
    what your box offers Sun You can rename the whole course.
    Although not big in the moment, but you do not know what else comes to wink
    Assigning pictures
    The assigning of the icons, is possible since the GP3 plugin version V.033.
    The assignment is done in the blue panel / or Vdesktop as follows:
    Blue Panel Open => [Menu] button => select [plugin] => [Settings] open (blue), select => [Beabeiten].
    Under the entry Wunschbildchen icons can be assigned.
    Selection frame exchange
    Do you like the yellow selection frame (icon_desktopframe.png) in the blue panel is not on your tongue,
    then you can replace it with the help of Erim's script, the little picture.
    The script copies the Wunschbildchen you automatically when you restart the Skinordner.
    So you have an update after the Skins still your desire framework wink
    The script with a few alternate selection frame can be found in the Appendix under the name desktop frame.
    On the Set Up Box
    Invite the package downloaded and unpacked it desktop frame.
    Seek out the Wunschbildchen (icon_destopframe.png) and
    copied it on the Dream in the folder / etc/enigma2.
    The script copies it to / etc/rc3.d.
    Rights to adapt the script with the following command.
    chmod 755 /etc/rc3.d/
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    Re: Framed icons for GP3 - Blue Panel

    Update 23.07.2011

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