Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 25-07-2011

As it aims to enhance the video capabilities of its products, namely its BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook tablet, Research In Motion (RIM) has acquired online video editing firm JayCut.

In addition to its expertise in editing, the Swedish company also develops a host of cloud-based services, tipped by many as the next big opportunity for the video industry. This is the second strategic acquisition that RIM has made in 2011: in January RIM bought user interface firm The Astonishing Tribe.

Full financial details for the JayCut deal have yet to be released but commenting on the acquisition, David Yach, RIM’s Chief Technology Officer said: “We’re excited that the JayCut team is bringing their expertise in video editing and cloud-based services to the BlackBerry platform. JayCut is based out of Sweden and operates a premier online video editor that they have licensed to a variety of companies and websites.

"The BlackBerry PlayBook offers users premium multimedia features, including dual HD cameras for video capture and video conferencing, HDMI output and high resolution video playback. By working with JayCut to add video editing capabilities to the BlackBerry platform we can further enrich our customers’ multimedia experience with BlackBerry.”

For its part, Jonas Hombart, JayCut CEO said:"We’re joining forces to share what we do best: video editing. We are a small group of passionate individuals that highly value our creative freedom, and we want to keep it that way...We can stay creative and we get to focus solely on developing great video editing tools, which has the potential to be used by many millions of users. Finally, we come into a context where our expertise is both valued and wanted."

Jonas also revealed that the company had already been working on a number of projects with RIM aboutr which he was unable to disclose full details. Looking forward, he added: “There are still many decisions to be made, but what is certain is that you’ll soon see some really cool and creative stuff coming out of this now established Stockholm enclave of RIM. We have a new ally and hereby challenge the future of video editing to be more awesome.”