Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 26-07-2011

Businesses wanting to embrace Facebook as a commercial platform are getting on-demand, interactive video service for advertisements and informational endeavours, thanks to a new platform from White Square Media.

“See a pair of shoes Kim Kardashian is wearing in a video, and the fan wants to buy them - just click on them. Watching the ‘Hold It Against Me’ video by Britney Spears posted on Jive Records' fan page, and want to know who made Britney's custom jewelry? Just click on it. Any object in streamed video can now be made interactive,” the company enthused in the PR for the release.

The platform, dubbed ‘ME,’ will allow consumers to watch streamed video without pre-rolls, commercial spots or overlays. When the viewer wants to interact with an object in the video, he or she simply clicks the ME button. For brands with Facebook pages, leveraging the platform is a series of simple steps, the company says.

Brands register for a free trial account or commercial account on whitesquaremedia.me, upload a Flash video, use ME to make it interactive and then embed it on the brand page or post it to a Facebook wall.

"We're the game changer that many have been waiting for and literally we stepped in the ring between Facebook vs. Google +. It's an exciting and a very bold move!" said Andrew Incorvia, White Square Media's CEO.

"Consumers and advertisers are so tired of the current video advertising machine that's being forced upon them, and social media advertisers grow weary of costly low quality traffic,” Incorvia said. “Consumers aren't buying goods or services through social media. Yet consumers spend hours searching the Internet for something they saw on video. Those days of fruitless searches are gone.