Lawyer: TV should pay to broadcast Mubarak trial

by Andy Sennitt.

An Egyptian lawyer is pushing the government to levy fees on TV stations wishing to broadcast live a widely anticipated trial of former president Hosni Mubarak next month, reported local media on Tuesday. Nabih Al Wahsh, known for his controversial lawsuits, has sued Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and Hossam Al Gharyani, the head of the state-appointed Higher Judges’ Council, for not taking steps to encrypt the transmission of the trial due on 3 August.

“Egypt is suffering such an acute economic crisis that it is seeking loans from other countries,” Al Wahsh was quoted as saying by the news website Al Youm Al Sabae. “The government would pump at least 10 billion pounds into the public treasury if it encrypted the transmission of the trial and sold the broadcasting rights to the TV stations interested in showing it,” he added.