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Thread: to al my sharing mates my dm has died

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    to al my sharing mates my dm has died

    Unfortunaly last night arround 23:00 my dm 500 hd died after a update, been working till now (04:38) on it with nu success at all, totaly black with a green led burning and fan is red not spinning.
    Have a scorpion left here but seems to difficult to get that one up and running.
    So as soon i wake up tomorrow i'll try to get a mini usb cable and see if i can fix the dm 500 hd this way.
    Don't write me off yet i'm working on it, but it might result in buying a new one.

    i will keep you informed as soon i have it fixed or replaced, within 5 working days if i'm lucky.

    till then

    happy sharing


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    Re: to al my sharing mates my dm has died

    Pffew that saved me some bucks here, finaly mannaged to repair the thing, and get it back and running again.
    Costs me some time to do this, but atleast it worked, for some reason my DM got stuck in the boot.

    happy sharing again, on a new and fresh installed box.


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