Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 27-07-2011

At the end of the first half of 2011, Spain passed the 5 million pay-TV subscriber barrier according to latest report by the Telecommunication Market Commission (CMT).

All of the different traditional pay-TV platforms have seen their client bases grow by nearly 285,000 subscribers, while mobile TV got 275,000 new clients in this period. In all there were 4.395 million Spanish subs to traditional pay-TV operators and 638,340 mobile TV's subscribers.

Yet satellite pay-TV, namely Prisa TV's Digital+, had 1.786 million subscribers , 12.940 fewer clients than a year before, while cable—represented by Ono, Telecable, R, Euskaltel and the small local cable operators—totalled 1.376 million subscribers, 78,030 more than a year ago.

IPTV, as offered by Movistar Imagenio and Orange basically, had a good year putting on 43,218 more clients year on year to reach 866,360 million subscribers. The 'TDT Premium' pay-DTT the package got 366, 812 subscribers, a figure nearly double that of a year ago when there were 190,499 clients.
Prisa TV still dominates the country’s incomes accounting for €250.17 million (59.17%) of the total €422.77 million in pay-TV revenues. Next came Ono and Telefónica with €57.28 and €51.95 million, respectively, meaning 13.54% and 12.28% of incomes.

On the other hand the total pay-TV incomes rose by nearly €30 million in this period thanks to other operators contributions resulting in a total which climbed from €26.55 million in Q1 2010 to €63,36 million in Q1 this year. By number of subscribers Prisa TV reached 40.7% of market share

As regards mobile TV, Telefónica's Movistar Imagenio clearly dominates this sector with 88.5% of clients or 565.162 subscribers. For its part their side Vodafone had 61,860 subscribers (9.7%) and Orange 11,18 clients, meaning a 1.8% market share.