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Thread: How to input sat longitude into SkyLink

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    How to input sat longitude into SkyLink

    I have a SkyLink SL 6900 - how do I input sat longitude into satellite guide, it is straight forward to input the local lat & long but reading about the sat longitude can be done in one of two ways, either: 0 to 180 for easterly and 181 to 360 for westerly or + digits for easterly and - for westerly .

    !st way, the finder only allows digits upto 180
    2nd way, as far as I can see there is no minus sign on the keyboard.

    I only know how to enter easterly satellites ------ can someone please tell me how to enter the westerly sats !!!!

    Any help wpold be appreciated

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    Re: How to input sat longitude into SkyLink

    Hi whereabouts on the planet are you?? I am not aware that you need to input any plus or minus signs into a receiver. Here in London i input the local details as 00.1W and 51.5N and the motor then goes to look for the satellites east and west. Do you need to enter the easterly and westerly figures separately?. I am not familiar with your Skylink box but i assume that you are using USALS if so then enter your local lat and long and try to send it to a west satellite and see if you get a signal. Please let me know how you get on. Regards.

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    Re: How to input sat longitude into SkyLink

    I've never heard of a signal meter under that brand name, is this in fact a receiver or a signal meter?? If you bought it, you should have a user manual that would explain how to enter longitudes. Failing that, you could just call the manufacturer and ask them.

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    Re: How to input sat longitude into SkyLink

    Yeah ebbhead i agree with you. I assumed that it was a receiver and could not work out how you can find easterly sats and not westerly sats unless theres an alignment issue. I must admit i have never heard of a receiver where you need to input plus or minus signs for USALS. Maybe the latitude settings need to be changed from WEST and NORTH to EAST and SOUTH etc. i must admit it would help if people are able to tell us if the problem is receiver or motor etc etc. Regards.

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