Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 29-07-2011

The Cable Broadband Institute in Taiwan (CBIT), a TV operators' trade group, has set up an alliance to develop a cloud-application platform.

The alliance is chaired by Fubon Financial Holdings chairman and CEO Daniel Tsai, who owns multi-system operator Kbro, which runs several cable TV channels.

CBIT`s five multi-system operators, including Kbro, are initiators of the alliance. They have approached Taiwan`s major suppliers of cloud computing equipment, digital content, and end-user equipment with a view to joining the alliance. Non-CBIT executives that have expressed an interest include Quanta Computer chairman Barry Lam; Inventec Group chairman K.Y. Yeh; and Rose Tsou, senior vice president of Yahoo! Asia Pacific region.

The alliance will open three committees, each in charge of cloud computing architecture and service platform, interactive digital content service, and internet TV and digital end equipment.

The operators hope the alliance will help Taiwan's cable TV companies quickly enter the cloud computing market.