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Thread: Bulsat Down

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    Bulsat Down

    Bulsat says goodbye to Irdeto
    day by day we lose more channels soon all dark,
    such a shame the official HD box is so limited.

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    Re: Bulsat Down

    Yes, but bulc**pt is alive, in this moment without HD..
    Cheers :)

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    Re: Bulsat Down

    Quote Originally Posted by rionkov View Post
    Yes, but bulc**pt is alive, in this moment without HD..
    Cheers :)
    A TV+ da li se otvaria na reshare? Che tuk Irlandia niama kak da gledame nashite evrobojtzi...

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    Re: Bulsat Down

    Всичко си бачка без хд каналите както каза колегата.

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