Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 01-08-2011

Germans are now buying new TV sets more frequently due to new innovations and additional functions.

In the era of tube models, German households purchased new TV sets on average once every 10 years whereas now a new set is bought almost every 6 years, reports industry association BITKOM quoting new figures compiled by market researchers GfK.

“Innovations such as HDTV, 3D or connected TV accelerate the exchange,” BITKOM board member Ralph Haupter said in Berlin. Additionally, there are technical improvements regarding picture quality and features such as LED technology and plasma screens of the latest generation. They enable particularly thin cases and a considerably lower energy consumption.

“In the old days, TV sets were exchanged when they were broken. Today, a new TV set is bought to use new functions or to enjoy a larger screen,” said Haupter.

9 million flat-screen TV sets were sold in Germany in 2010, and this year record-breaking sales of 9.5 million sets is expected. While in 2008, €830 were spent on average on a new flat-screen set, in 2011 - despite better quality and additional functions - the average price has dropped to €633, almost 25% less.