Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 01-08-2011

Jürgen Doetz, president of VPRT, the German association of commercial broadcasters, has accused public broadcaster ZDF of having adopted a “commercial orientation” and an increasing “expansion policy”.

In a letter to the head of ZDF's supervisory board, Ruprecht Polenz, Doetz mainly criticises the schedules of digital youth channel ZDFneo and pop culture channel ZDFkultur, which launched in May 2011, formerly ZDFtheaterkanal, reports German news magazine Focus.

With “attractive offerings” such as US series, ZDF's digital channels would directly target the viewers of “commercial pay-TV and/or free-TV channels”, Doetz writes in his letter. This would lead to an “undeniable distortion of competition”. He also accuses ZDF of “imitating” the schedules of commercial broadcasters.