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Thread: TV revolution in Ukraine

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    TV revolution in Ukraine

    08.49 Europe/London, August 1, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

    Ukraine is bracing itself for an explosion of new TV services, with up to two DTH platforms and a DTT operation expected to launch this autumn. In the case of the former, they could include a localised version of Tricolor TV, the most successful service in neighbouring Russia.

    According to Mediasat, General Satellite plans to rent additional capacity on Eutelsat W7 at 36 degrees East to distribute 55 channels in Ukraine. Of these, 28 will be local services. The new platform – most likely Tricolor TV – will use DRE-Crypt encryption, with reception being possible with General Satellite equipment.

    Only last week, it was reported that the Istil Group, which was previously behind the failed Poverkhost Plus operation, now plans to launch a DTH platform named XTRA.

    One industry source has since informed Broadband TV News that the platform, which will use Irdeto conditional access, could go live as soon as this week.

    Meanwhile Zeonbud, which will eventually operate four of Ukraine’s six multiplexes, plans to launch its DTT service this September.

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    Re: TV revolution in Ukraine

    No one can deny the effects of TV and the electronic media.Its really a revolutionary tool/device which can bring a revolutionary change in world and even it has also brought change as you are mentioning about the UKRIANE.

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