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Thread: DCC-E2 v1.30

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    DCC-E2 v1.30

    DCC-E2 v1.30

    Autozoom added.
    With auto zoom all the windows contents are adjusted automatically when resizing. In the first configuration page can optionally be restricted to auto zoom the font sizes in table (eg FTP) to be maintained.


    Memory Info increased to 8 mountpoints.
    The memory info was increased from 4 to 8 Mount Points. To get free panels for additional mount points can alternatively dev, boot, tmp and / var hidden order.


    Opkg package manager for now with support.
    DCC-E2 now uses the default opkg command structure of the E2-box. For compatibility reasons, may alternatively be switched to IPKG.


    Setting editor corrected and expanded.
    The Settings Editor now recognizes HD channels and errors in creating the bouquets were eliminated. The channel type is now displayed as separate icon (TV, radio, or HD).


    Live TV updated.
    Live TV was adapted to the current VLC version 1.1.11.

    Important notes:
    The existing voice files can be used only to a limited and should be re-created as needed by the translator.

    In the 'boot manager' (Barry Allen) was not changed because I am currently working without a boot manager and want to change anything at the moment my box. Whether the functionality still exists and / or current at all is still, unfortunately I can not find dehalb.

    DCC-E2 is at least on my test system running Windows 7 - 64 bit without problems. Almost all previously reported connection issues were due to incorrectly configured software firewalls or network settings.

    I own only one DM 800 SE - on other boxes I can not test themselves.
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