Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 08-08-2011

Argentina's Telefe International has created a new Business Development Area in the hope of expanding the distributer’s product portfolio.

The new division will also be in charge of the presence of the company’s products in new platforms as well as the creation of strategic alliances and collaborations. It will be run by Guillermo Borensztein, who was previously a sales executive for the company.
“The creation of the new area is result of Telefe International’s need to go deeper in the business due to the current state of the international market, with multiple competitors, the financial crisis and new technological developments. The international business management has been reorganized in order to maintain and drive the current leadership in a highly competitive market. The growth and implementation of Telefe International within the industry has brought us to reorganize our structure, so helping us to consolidate in a rapidly changing market,” said Fernando Varela, International Business Director.