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Thread: Opos 1.05 Virginiser Script

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    Opos 1.05 Virginiser Script

    Opos 1.05 Virginiser Script

    Well it has taken over four years but some members of the team just do not give up.
    So we are pleased to present, at long last, a script to virginise an Opos 1.05 card :)

    Download the attachment and un-rar it.
    Then run the "Opos105_Virginize.xvb" script in WinExplorer with the Opos 1.05 card in a Phoenix type interface at 3.57Mz.
    You may need to specify the comport in the WinExplorer settings but the other configuration details will be set automatically by the script.

    It takes a couple of minutes, but at the end you should have a virginised AT90SC6464c.
    The Transport Code will be shown in the new ATR.

    You can then load another AT90SC6464c OS to the card using the new "Load_OS_to_virgin_6464c_v7.xvb" script or simply restore the card back to Opos 1.05 by loading the Opos105_OS.bin.

    Use at your own risk. Do not interrupt the scripts.

    For more scripts and information look for my original package "Toolkit V6 for AT90sc Smartcards" from 2007.

    We hope to be able to virginise the Cerebro 1.01 in due course, so look out in the weeks to come for another script.

    Many thanks to Darkscout and other sat friends for their brilliant work.


    Passete has uploaded it here for me.

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    Re: Opos 1.05 Virginiser Script

    007 any hints as to the sites?

    found it thanks

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