Published on August 7, 2011
Written by: Robert Briel

The Landscape Channel has announced it will make 90 seconds per hour of programming available to IPTV and cable operators to allow integration with the new developing IPTV advertising insertion systems.

Local adverts will overlay the Music Profile spots developed with a view to promoting music artists and record labels in available airtime.

Landscape Chairman Nick Austin said in a statement: “A whole host of new technology companies are developing systems to place adverts directly into IPTV channels based upon the demographics and IP address of the viewer. Our target audience is a high value asset for any distributor who can use this technology. By providing local avails LandscapeHD becomes a valuable profit centre for those distributors who are investing in this media.”

Landscape broadcasts via the cloud in 1080p format and is the first 1080p channel available globally to any IPTV/cable distributor in the world.