08.23 Europe/London, August 9, 2011 By Robert Briel

MTV Networks is expanding its bouquet of channels in the Dutch market including four new HD channels. As part of the restructuring of its offer, the TMF channel will be stopped.

On September 1, the all-music channel MTV Music 24 will be launched on both Ziggo and UPC. On trhat date, Ziggo will start to carry MTV Live HD, which is already available on UPC.

In November, Ziggo will launch the new Comedy Central Extra channel, which is the third Comedy Centrral channel in the country. Most oeprators already carry Comedy Central and Comedy Central Family.

Before the end of the year, the broadcaster lso plans to launch HD versions of its four main channels MTV, Nickelodeon, Kindernet and Comedy Central.

At the end of August, MTV Networks pulls the plug out of all TMF branded channels in the country, TMF NL, TMF Pure and TMF Dance.