I have a VU+ Duo receiver and I want to receive Al Jaziraa Sport, Bis TV and Canal Sat.
I have 3 dishes installed: Hotbird 13, Nilesat and Astra 19,2

I went to a reveiver shop and they have installed the VTI image with Camd3 Soft cam
I am receiving successfully Al Jaziraa Sport
I can receive Bis TV on Hotbird but the image is freezing all the time every few second and it is impossible to watch French TV in good conditions.
I was receiving Canal Sat before but it was also freezing and it doesn't work anymore.

What I have understood is that there are two kind of solutions to receive encrypted satellite TV: either by using soft cam emulator or by using card sharing.

If I am right, the soft cam emulator emulates the physical CAM and the smart card and will contains the encryption keys stored on /var/keys folder.
So the encrypted stream will be decode locally by the soft cam emulator using this encryption key file and doesn't need internet access.

Otherwise, I have to subscribe to a card sharing server and provide all information (server address, port, username and password) on the configuration files like CLine in CCcam.cfg file for CCcam or in camd3.servers file for camd3.

My card sharing connection is very bad to cam3d and I don't have any C line, so I want to configure a soft cam emulator locally.

I have installed CCcam 2.2.1, update to the lastest AutoRoll.Key, constant.cw and SoftCam.key file by using the script at : http://www.satsupreme.com/showthread...ey-constant.cw

The CCcam.cfg file contains only:
SOFTKEY FILE : /var/keys/SoftCam.Key
AUTOROLL FILE : /var/keys/AutoRoll.Key
STATIC CW FILE : /var/keys/constant.cw
I have restarted the box and CCcam service but I cannot decrypt any channel.

Do you have any idea of what is wrong?

Thank you