MIchelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 10-08-2011

Apple’s anticipated streaming movie service is being hampered by an inability to secure content licensing deals, according to reports.

The launch of the service - which will be called iTunes Replay - is “not imminent”, according to CNET, citing unnamed “multiple film industry sources”. That’s because only two of the top six movie studios are on board to provide content, the sources said.

A big issue is the fact that HBO has exclusive rights to distribute digital content from 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros and Universal for a certain amount of time - the ‘HBO Window’, as it’s known. Apparently that’s a stumbling block Apple would prefer not to have to accommodate.

iTunes Replay would let users download and re-download movies from the company’s cloud for use on their iPhones, iPads, etc. There is also talk that Apple could launch a subscription service to take on Netflix - rumours that CNET’s sources say aren’t true.

For now, Apple debuted its iCloud service earlier this year, and last month expanded it to include the ability to re-download purchased TV shows and allow Apple TV devices to stream such content directly from the cloud.