Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 10-08-2011

Spanish TV producer Planet Nemo has stated that the Latin American market is more stable than the Spanish market.

Jorge Patiño, the company’s sales CEO, told Todo TV News that this has been happening over the last three years and not only relates to Spain, but to the whole of Europe. “In Latin America prices are lower and co-production agreements quite complex because it takes a lot to get financing, but the potential of our TV series is incredible, especially with regard to licensing and merchandising,” he said.

In fact, the producer has already taken its first steps with a pre-sale agreement with Disney for distribution in 110 countries. This project is called Groove High and target audiences between 11 and 12 years of age. Several months ago the company had talks with Televisa to produce the series and so enter the Latin American market.

Patiño said that the distribution of Planet Nemo’s content in the Latin American region is only the first step of the producer’s plans because it wants to make further agreements with Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. “Here, the idea is to get partners with a more active participation in the production process,” he stated.

In addition, Planet Nemo is developing nine other projects, two of them live action.
Planet Nemo was started in 2001 as Planet Nemo Games, a company dedicated to creating interactive video games for websites. But in 2005 it expanded into production and animation through the TV series Bali, its most successful product. After conquering the European and Asian markets with its animations for pre-school children, the company is now set to invade the Latin American market.