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Thread: [Plugin] music - Visualization - A prototype

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    [Plugin] music - Visualization - A prototype

    [Plugin] music - Visualization - A prototype

    I want in my VideoDB-programing also support music files (which takes a bit), and the whole time I have wanted to write a music visualization, I've even sat down and wrote a prototype, I'm namely Such ads or gimmicks.
    Normally I never published a prototype, but this will take quite a while, until I come to the theme music integration into VideDB, so I would like to get tested in times of you in the meantime.
    I've written four visualizations: 3 x for the GUI, 1 time for the OLED. These are found in the Extented plugin list.
    The player is not finished, of course (otherwise it would not a prototype), so times can only hear one piece of music, it does not jump automatically to the next. Spulen/ID3 tag display / time remaining, etc. .. None everything ... it's all about visualization.
    So, to the actual topic.
    The visualization is of course a CPU hog. For the analysis of the music playing and go about 15% CPU on it, for display in the GUI, depending on the type again from 8% to 25% ...
    Therefore, the visualization is naturally synchronized to music as you would expect from vlc or winamp.
    VisuTest1 is the largest CPU waster. Here I am using 64 tapes for viewing.
    In the other, in my opinion is looking at the CPU in one (for the plugin) reasonable range.
    Where I would like to get feedback on the behavior of the individual boxes, for example, play music over a network, whether the ads or jerking it comes to spinners.
    Furthermore, the behavior of the visualization for Internet streaming ... I have a file in the plugin directory url.txt down in one streaming url is. after which you can share your tastes of course.
    During the execution of the plugin should NOT be included admission to a NAS, or via FTP files will be dug on the box, the box because the network claimed more CPU power, which then gets too much (in principle as with the DTS plugin).
    A brief Handhbung the plugin:
    green: -> File Browser -> Select music
    blue: -> Internet Streaming (url from url.txt)
    Can play all music files, which you have a codec installed (ie, flac, ogg, mp3, wav etc).
    You should have installed an HD Skin ... I have not made the effort to support SD or XD, VisuTest1-3 are also going to SD or XD mode.
    The whole thing is for the present time still closed source, which then changes course.
    I would find it extremely uncool when someone would take the Lib C + + from me to the present time it does for other projects / plugins. I will not, of course.
    Then have fun with the first prototypes used to test for and who it wants.
    Dr. Best

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