Net launches TV Everywhere with Globosat in Brazil

The operator Net (América Móvil Group) will offer its subscribers the so-called Muu online TV free service with content provided by Globosat, the main Pay-TV channel provider in Brazil. Muu relies on 1,400 available hours and will reach 2,000 hours by year end. According to José Felix, Net President, "it is our way to create barriers in face of OTTs' arrival, such as Netflix'". The company's model is similar to the one deployed by Moviecity in Latin America.

According to Gustavo Ramos, Globosat Media New Director, the company is also working with other Pay-TV operators with the purpose of taking Muu to all companies that receive Globosat's content. Ramos also pointed out that the product will try to avoid "cannibalization" with the Pay-TV service in TV sets, and that it is mainly focused on PCs, Notebooks, tablets and smartphones, though it may reach TV sets through game consoles and connected TV sets.

The content will combine current general interest and thematic success programs in Pay-TV as well as movies of its channels Telecine. Additionally, trials are being carried out so as to include, only on demand, Brazilian Tournament games for those PPV package subscribers willing to see them in devices out of their homes. Globosat is a company that belongs to Globo Group, minority shareholder of Net Servicios.