Mexican DF channel reaches DTT with small budget

According to the Federal District Digital TV and Radio System General Director, Héctor Cervera Gómez, the Mexican Federal District channel, Capital 21, which depends on the Government of such city, will start DTT broadcastings over the second fortnight of September, but will rely on enough resources to operate only one months and a half under such technology.

Over the course of an interview with the Mexican newspaper Excélsior, the executive pointed out that the budget assigned to the channel amounted to USD 3,2 million, which includes 82-employee payroll. Cervera Gómez stated that additional budget will be requested for DTT broadcastings.

Originally, Capital 21 started operations in 2007 through Internet, while the Federal Telecommunications Commission defined free-to-air TV operation approval, which happened at the beginning of 2010. By then, channel 21 was assigned. Now, its free-to-air TV arrival will become true next September. The channel will be seen around 45 kilometers, which cover 16 delegations and some municipalities of Valle de Mexico, according to information disclosed by Reforma newspaper.

According to the official, the 73% of households with TV set located in the Mexican capital city rely on a DTT STB; therefore, it will not be necessary to distribute devices in the population. Figures disclosed by the National Geography and Statistics Institute show that 2,33 million out of the 2,38 households with TV set located in DF have at least one TV set.