hello big buddies
let's do some more sharing ...
im going to have 3 beautiful servers.at d moment I have 2servers running…
one which is a full hd but now im going to build soon the third one with locals on the way
My proposal: i will never delete you unless u are totally offline 4 more than 1 month but u have to be online for at least 2weeks; what do u think?shall i hear from u with yr line?
send them in pm and i will reply to you shortly
reg to all
New: if you have a special big server and I can see it online I give access to both servers therefore you will get 2 c lines against one, that way you will always read from my server and have access to data base sharing because these servers are located in different places…pls note if that will be d case than I may use yr line in both servers.