Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 15-08-2011

In a bid to boost delivery of video content to its portals throughout Europe, Russian online video portal RuTube has upped its investment in content delivery network (CDN) services.

Moreover as part of the move, RuTube has furthered its investment in CDN services from Level 3 Communications who claims that since providing service to the company in April 2011, it has enabled RuTube to achieve significant improvements in the quality and reach of its video content.

Specifically, Level 3 claims that since April 2011 it has been able to support the delivery of 20 gigabits per second (Gbps) of peak traffic for RuTube who has consequently seen a 15% increase in the number of full video views on the site and a noticeable increase in the quality of video playbacks.

Commented RuTube chief technology officer Evgeny Kukushkin: "Using Level 3's CDN services, we're able to steadily increase the capacity of our video platform and seamlessly meet demand as our online audience grows...By helping us increase the quality and reach of our content, we've seen not only a significant increase in total video views, but also an increase in views of our advertising – a critical factor in helping us monetise our content."