Editor ©RapidTVNews | 16-08-2011

The BBC Trust has revealed, and approved, the corporation’s plans to alter schedules during the extent of the London Olympics whilst maintaining its commitment to the public service commitments.

Most notably, the BBC will extend BBC Three’s broadcast hours on all digital TV platforms to allow it to offer Olympics coverage using spectrum normally used by BBC Parliament on DTT and some Red Button capacity on satellite. During this period BBC Parliament will not be available on DTT but will remain available on all other platforms, including cable, satellite and online.

BBC Online will also offer around 1,000 hours of non-broadcast video coverage in excess of its normal offer of such content for this period.

The Trust has decided that the proposed changes do not constitute a significant change to the UK public services under the terms of Clause 25 of the Agreement and that it is not necessary to apply a public value test (PVT) to these plans before approving them.

The Trust adds that despite its ongoing commitment to keep a lid on costs, it regards coverage of major sports events, such as the Olympics, as fitting closely with the BBC’s role to promote the public purposes. The BBC is to allocate £4.5 million of cost to the BBC Three service licence budget, taking the forecast budget in 2012 from 90.5% to 95% of its service licence baseline but not requiring any amendment to the approved service budget. It therefore considers that the proposal to offer the temporary service and offers is fully in keeping with the BBC’s remit and mission.