Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 15-08-2011

When it comes to mobile marketing, the number of people consuming advertising via MMS is on the rise. And the user most likely to enage with this type of video ad is a Verizon Wireless iPhone user that lives in Phoenix.

"As smartphone penetration reaches 35% in the U.S., MMS remains a viable platform for brands and marketers to deliver rich media to their consumers without having to download massive amounts of data or deal with the hassle of poor signal strength to buffer streaming feeds," said James Citron, CEO at Mogreet, in a statement.

According to statistics compiled from Mogreet via its video-based mobile marketing platform, iPhone consumption of MMS-based video messaging has risen from 5.4% to 7.4% year-over-year in terms of total market share for video-enabled mobile marketing. And, the Phoenix area leads the way in terms of geos, followed by LA, San Bernardino, Denver and Atlanta.

As iPhone carriers, Verizon Wireless and AT&T saw the most volume, with 44.2% and 37.1%, respectively. Trailing were T-Mobile (7.1%), Sprint (5.7%) and Cricket (Leap Wireless, 2.2%).

"It is evident by the growth in last quarter's iPhone mobile video messaging views that feature phone and smartphone users are increasingly looking to consume video, pictures and audio on their devices," said Citron.

However, he added that by leveraging MMS, digital marketers can reach their entire consumer base regardless of handset type, and supply them with "personalised video content that increases consumer loyalty, engagement and responsiveness."

Mobile video messaging views after iPhone were led by the LG enV 3 (3.9%), Samsung Intensity and LG Cosmos (both 2.9%) and the LG enV Touch (2.7%).

The metrics tracked by Mogreet's platform are aimed at brand managers and include data such as regional hotspots (retailers can tailor offers to users in a specific geographic area), application development priorities (if a critical mass of their customers are using Android phones over iPhones, they may choose to develop Android apps first).