11.01 Europe/London, August 16, 2011 By Julian Clover

DNA is making its Welho TV channel packages available to customers over Finland’s terrestrial network. The Finnish operator is this Thursday (August 18) launching the package of standard and high definition channels with a two-week open window.

The initial line-up consists of Animal Planet HD, Discovery Channel, Eurosport, MTV LIVE HD, Nelonen Kino, Nelonen Maailma, Nelonen Perhe, Nelonen Pro 1 HD, Nelonen Pro 2 HD, Showtime, TNT7 HD and URHOtv. From September 1 a pack of pay-TV channels from Canal+ will also be made available.

“Our goal is to provide truly high-quality services for both the cable and the terrestrial network, and we are extremely pleased with the terrestrial network pay-TV offering launched today. Key components of high quality include subtitles in Finnish, Finnish programmes, and HDTV picture quality’, says Pekka Väisänen, Vice President, Consumer Business at DNA.

DNA is currently awaiting decisions from the Finnish authorities on the licensing of the VHF-A and -B multiplexes.

DNA has three terrestrial multiplexes that cover approximately 50% of the population. By the end of the year, the network will be expanded to cover over 85% of all Finns.

The package will be in competition with the established terrestrial operator Plus TV.