Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 16-08-2011

Digital+, Prisa TV's Spanish satellite pay-TV operator, has ended its football pay per view (PPV) offering whilst at the same time inaugurating the sporting channel Canal+ Liga 2 with eight football matches.

Effectively Canal+ Liga 2 has twice the football content of its main competitor Mediapro's Gol TV which regularly offers four matches a day.

Only those subscribers having Canal+ Liga will be able to add Canal+ Liga 2 to their offering and the channel will offer those games that its Taquilla PPV service has been offering so far.

The arrival of Canal+ Liga 2 means that the full roster of Spanish channels delivering televised football comprises Prisa TV's Canal+, Canal+ Liga and Canal+ Liga 2 and also Mediapro with Gol TV and laSexta.