Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 17-08-2011

Connected devices in the digital home may be a popular topic in the industry, but when it comes to actual use, they are sorely underutilised.

That's the finding from Interpret, an entertainment, media and technology market research firm, which has released two new reports: "The State of Internet-Connected Living Rooms" and "Streaming Music: Will It Replace the CD and MP3?"

The "Living Rooms" report reveals that although Internet-connected devices in the living room have proliferated to over half of U.S. consumers, they remain underutilised for TV and movie entertainment. For example, according to Interpret's New Media Measure syndicated study, only 22% of those who own a gaming console connected to the Internet have used it to stream a movie or TV show, and among owners of set-top boxes such as Apple TV or Roku, that number is even lower (18%).

When it comes to the uptake of other kinds of content the verdict is worse. With the recent launch of Spotify in the US, the imminent launch of iCloud and the success of Pandora, streaming music is being hyped as the next big thing, poised to usurp digital files as the listening method of choice. But the "Streaming Music" report finds that streaming music only accounts for 16% of the time consumers listen to music, suggesting streaming and cloud services need to demonstrate more value to convert listeners to paid subscribers or to benefit from advertising.