Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 17-08-2011

The United Arab Emirates UAE) is leading the way in smart TV sales, with a 40% share of web-enabled television sales in the Persian Gulf – according to consumer electronics giant Samsung.

The Gulf has accounted for 7% of the global sales of smart TV sets, according to the Korean manufacturer.

“Since the launch of Samsung’s smart TVs in the UAE, sales have increased almost 4% every month,” said Justin Shaw, general manager of AV division, Samsung Gulf Electronics. “We have recognised several factors that have created demand for smart TVs in the UAE, including advanced technology infrastructure and a rise of tech-savvy consumers.”

The UAE’s fibre-based broadband network now provides users with an average internet connection speed of around 3.92 megabits per second, allowing the easy streaming of full HD 3D online movies, among other video related web activity.

The UAE also has the highest internet usage among the Gulf nations, with 69% of the population having internet access.