10.45 Europe/London, August 17, 2011 By Robert Briel

Telekom Austria’s IPTV service A1TV (formerly knwon as Aon TV) has reached 174,800 homes at the end of Q2, 2011, an increase of 50% compared with the previous year when 123,500 households subscribed to the service.

The figures were released during the presentation of the half year result for 2011. The Austrian telecoms operator also said that the acquisiton of Croatia’s cable network B.net by the company’s subsidiary Vipnet was closed on August 8.

According to Telekom Austria’s financial statement, the acquistion was valued at €70.1 million. B.net wholly owns the companies Na Kvadrat d.o.o., Voljaglas d.o.o. und Na Kub d.o.o, which have their seats in Zagreb.

“The acquisition allows Vipnet to fully profit from the expected strong growth of fixed broadband, TV services and convergence products,” said the company in their financial statement.

In Bulgaria, the operator continues to invest in broadband and IPTV infrastructures.