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    Auto ShutDown

    AutoShutdown - automatic deep standby after a set time

    after a few users have expressed the wish that you would like to send the box after a certain time in the deep standby standby, I even think I risked a small build ipk
    What makes the extension
    The extension leaves your box in standby after a set time in the deep standby.
    Should start during the standby time comes during recording, it will be executed and turned off the box after shooting (as long as the timer event is set to automatic). If you have installed the box EPGRefresh will not shut down if the shutdown is in the time interval of EPGRefreshs. If the time interval exceeded EPGRefresh the box after the end of the set is EPGRefreshs + max shut down the set time in the auto shutdown.
    (Off-time interval and auto shutdown on /), the settings could be found at:
    Menu => Settings => System => Automatic power off
    We have only predetermined time intervals (10sec, 60sec, 30min, 1h, 1.5 h and 2 h) adjusted.
    I know the seconds range is nonsense, but I have the time to try out inside left.
    If something does not work, please append to a Crashlog.
    To check the time interval EPGRefresh me when I'm @ ritzMo served with a few lines of code from the EPGRefresh. I hope he makes me so alive
    At this point, sometimes a big thanks to @ ritzMo 1a for its plugins
    Version 0.3-r0 - 2011-08-15
    - Periods of time can be entered in minutes (0 - min 1440)
    - Turning in the EPGRefresh time can de / activate
    - New event inactivity (idle = no button pressed) should be pressed on the box for a specified time no key event that set (standby / off) is executed. Here, too, the above-mentioned setting the EPGRefresh
    - The settings for auto shutdown inactivity event and both engage independently, ie if one is disabled from both the Activated still works
    Version 0.3-r1 - 2011-08-16
    - Corrected translation
    - Variable message display inactivity before the event takes

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