Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 18-08-2011

In what may be an increasingly used digital TV business proposition, Rovi has extended its collaborating with Ford on a digital TV advertising program across its advertising network.

The move marks the third time that the motor industry giant has worked with Rovi whose network will be used to reach and engage consumers with multiple campaigns including the F-450 Super Duty truck, Focus, and now its Lincoln brands. Already Ford has launched a campaign for the MKX Crossover SUV which claims to feature an intuitive technology experience for consumers.

The Rovi Ad Network reaches more than 40 million households globally with Smart TV platform ads running on a range of connected devices. It provides extensive entertainment discovery solutions for television, movies, music and photos to its customers in the consumer electronics, cable and satellite, and online video markets.

The network engages with consumers while they are seeking live, recorded, on-demand, cable or network programming on Rovi TV guides. By clicking on a banner on the guide, viewers are taken to an interactive TV viewing experience where they are able to view photos, play videos and dive deeper to learn more about the Ford vehicles.

"The Rovi Advertising Network provides an impactful medium for us to communicate the innovation behind our car brands while also enabling us to highly target and measure our audience reach," explained Brian McClary, Social & Emerging Media Specialist, Ford. "As we continue to evaluate leading-edge methods for increasing brand awareness for Ford vehicles, and based on the success of our earlier Ford campaigns, the Rovi Ad Network stood out as a natural fit for achieving scale as well as consumer engagement."

For its part, Rovi, according to Jeff Siegel, senior VP of advertising, would continue to engage audience and extensive reach by delivering customers with custom content a range of devices such as set top boxes (STBs), connected TVs, media players, mobile and tablet devices, and PCs. “[We will] add cutting edge capabilities to provide even more opportunities for our advertisers to engage with their audience," he said.