10.09 Europe/London, August 18, 2011 By Robert Briel

New receivers for the German HD+ platform on Astra will be equipped with the HD InterActive feature from NetRange MMH using the HbbTV standard. The first internet-enabled receivers should already be introduced to the market by manufacturers in 2011.

The Luxembourg-based satellite operator SES Astra has concluded an exclusive agreement with the Hamburg-based portal operator NetRange MMH regarding the development and operation of an internet-based, interactive portal solution. NetRange MMH is an independent white label portal operator for web-based interactive television. The company, headquartered in Hamburg in Germany.

During this year’s ANGA Cable show NetRange MMH was already demoing the service in a beta version. At one of the conference sessions, Wolfgang Elsäser, managing director Astra Deutschland, said the satellite provider would be rolling out its HD+ platform and will enhance the functionality with connected TV services using the HbbTV standard, “the best of both worlds”, according to Elsäser. “The full benefit of broadcast television from satellite and on-demand via the internet. This presents a new business model for the broadcasters as well.”

At this year’s IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, NetRange MMH will be showcasing its other prodcuts, including Europe’s OEM manufacturer Vestel Group, the Chinese components manufacturer Keen High Mediatech and Loewe’s Loewe MediaNet, a solution operated by the company.

In addition to applications that have already been integrated such as MySpass.de, Mercedes?Benz TV, facebook and twitter, new offers from Sonnenklar.tv and Sportdigital.tv will also be demonstrated at the show.