Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 21-08-2011

China's CCTV Sports opted for EVS technologies for its host broadcasting operation activities at the recent FINA World Championships (aquatic sports) in Shanghai.

It used EVS systems for live OB (outside broadcasting) productions, the IBC's (International Broadcast Centre) fast turnaround highlights and media exchange operations.

In total, 15 XT2 servers were equipped in four OB vans for slo-mo replays, live edits, clips and highlights creations of swimming, synchronised swimming, diving, water polo and open water swimming.

For IBC infrastructures, EVS provided CCTV with two HD XT2+ (6-channel) production servers with extended external storage offering a capacity of 15TB for the ingest of five incoming feeds and 300 hours of HD content of uninterrupted recording. IBC content management was ensured by nine IPDirector workstations offering advanced media ingest, logging, browsing, exchange and playout control. The integrated solution was used for ingesting content, media storage and exchange with media rights licensees, as well as CCTV fast turnaround production of highlight packages. The setup allowed CCTV production teams to transfer clips and rough edits with Apple FCP editors for the production of daily summaries. Once completed, the 52-minute summary was immediately shared with the entire production team on the EVS central media server accessible via EVS's GigE media sharing network.

Olivier Heurteaux, EVS general sales manager Asia & Pacific, said EVS was "proud to meet the expectations of CCTV, which was looking for a reliable way to improve production turnaround, while guaranteeing the utmost level of quality.

"China is a key market for EVS. CCTV has achieved the top level of production in terms of infrastructure and operations and we are keen to be part of their development."

Guo Yang, vice section chief OB Office of CCTV, added: "Support from a facility supplier played an important role in the success of this project. EVS machines have made things much easier as well as stable. We are very satisfied."