Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 21-08-2011

Leading US cable TV operator Comcast has now included Latin channel nuvoTV as part of its Digital Preferred platform in a selected system launch for new markets.

Comcast plans to offer nuvoTV to the digital subscribers in Atlanta, Chicago, Jacksonville, Seattle, Florida South Western, Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Washington D.C.

Comcast has also extended the offering of eight Spanish speaking additional channels this ex ceding its public service requirements commitment as part of its agreement to purchase NBC Universal. The company has compromised to increase the distribution of at least three Latin American channels addressing the Hispanic community with at least 10 million digital subscribers, according to 'TV Latina'.

"Through this distribution agreement we will reach 17 million additional homes going beyond our 10 million homes compromise in 70%" said David Jensen, Comcast Cable's VP for Content Acquisitions.