Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 23-08-2011

eyeSight Mobile Technologies, a developer of touch-free interfaces for consumer electronics, has signed a partnership agreement with Huan TV, China's leading provider of content for connected TVs, to offer gesture recognition-based content to Huan's subscribers.

Huan TV will provide customers with special content for the connected TVs which, are integrated with eyeSight's Hand Gesture Recognition Technology, enabling the operation of these apps with intuitive hand gestures.

The collaboration will allow Huan TV, a major content provider to connected TVs in the Chinese market, to offer a wide variety of gesture-controlled applications and games. Consumers who purchase smart TVs in which eyeSight's technology is integrated will be able to access a wider selection of games and applications, in addition to the gesture-controlled functions initially provided by these TVs.

This move is aligned with eyeSight's overall strategy of entering the fast-growing Chinese Internet-connected TV market.

"The cooperation with Huan TV is extremely exciting as it will allow us to integrate our technology into applications and games which will provide a whole new user experience to users of eyeSight-enabled connected TVs," said Gideon Shmuel, eyeSight's CEO.

"By partnering with TV manufacturers and collaborating with Huan TV, we will be able to offer much richer content and a new interactive user experience."

eyeSight's solution offers touchless control for camera-enabled devices such as tablets, mobile phones, PCs, TVs, and set-top boxes.